The mission of College of St. Joseph

College of St. Joseph is an independent Catholic college that educates men and women of varied faiths and backgrounds for lives of continuing personal and professional growth, intellectual development, and service to the community.

To fulfill its mission, the college:

  • Offers student-centered undergraduate and graduate programs guided by
    Christian values that blend theory and practice and prepare students for careers
    of vital importance to society.
  • Offers a holistic student development program that fosters personal leadership,
    civic responsibility, service to the community.
  • Employs highly qualified administrators, faculty, and staff who support the
    continuous improvement of the college’s programs and services.

Fulfilling our mission as a Catholic college

The Catholic character of CSJ shapes and is shaped by every aspect of college life including student affairs, faculty, administration and staff activities, and curricular and co-curricular programs. Composed of members of various faiths, the college community acknowledges the challenge to serve the needs of the Church and society and recognizes its role to provide a forum for dialogue between the gospel and secular culture.

The College is called upon to teach and learn, and in so doing, to influence the larger society of which it is a part. In addition, the College strives to create an atmosphere that fosters the development of personal spirituality. Standards of moral and ethical behavior are integrated into the body of knowledge conveyed to students.

Finally, the College community pursues a common dedication to the truth, a common vision of the dignity of the human person, and is characterized by mutual respect, sincere dialogue, freedom of conscience, and protection of the rights of individuals.

The college fulfills its mission as a Catholic college by providing

  • Courses reflecting Catholic traditions, themes, and culture.
  • Opportunities for prayer, liturgical celebrations, and religious symbols.
  • Engagement of its constituents in lives of service, campus ministry, and activities that produce a positive impact on the life of the community.