The rich opportunities of the Arts & Sciences Division go well beyond the classroom. Students may take advantage of internships or join the activities of English or history honor societies. Find yourself participating in campus events, conferences, and visits to museums and other cultural sites. The division also sponsors foreign travel tied to the curriculum.

Radiologic Sciences

Graduates of the Radiologic Sciences program will be thoroughly prepared in the areas of proficiency and technical knowledge to perform radiographic procedures.

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College of St. Joseph is introducing a new Sonography major, which will begin enrolling students in fall 2016. Graduates of the Sonography Program will be thoroughly prepared in scanning techniques related to the abdomen, pelvis, fetus and vascular.

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Graduates of our English program have the skill set to find work in a competitive job market or advance their careers. Here you can prepare yourself for careers in teaching, journalism, public relations, advertising, communications, library science, and government or graduate studies in English.

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Graduates of our History program carry with them a broad understanding of culture, politics and innovation through the ages. Our graduates have highly developed skills in historical research and critical thinking.

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Liberal Studies

Graduates of our Liberal Studies program are educated in the broadest sense. The program uses a holistic approach to understanding human civilization.

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Health Science

Graduates of our Health Science major are prepared for acceptance into Physician Assistant Master of Science programs. This pre-professional program provides a strong foundation in biomedical and clinical sciences.

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Social Media Concentration and Certificate Program

CSJ’s social media concentration and certificate program provides Web skills, such as social media, community management, and Web analytics. It can be combined with any undergraduate major.

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Arts & Sciences Minors

Add meaningful direction and expand your education with our minors in English, Popular Culture, History, Political Science, or Studio Arts.

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Arts & Sciences Faculty

Our faculty members are experts in their fields and committed to providing a first-rate learning experience. Meet the faculty of the Arts & Sciences Division.

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