English Minor

The English minor provides students with the opportunity to broaden their understanding of literature and enhance their writing skills in a field that is outside of their major area of interest. Students taking 18 English credits can earn a minor in English, and the perspective and communication skills that an English minor provides can be invaluable for students navigating a complex and diverse world. 

History Minor

The history minor provides students with the opportunity to enhance their knowledge and skills outside of their major area of study and to give meaningful direction to their choice of electives. The broad perspective and analytical and communication skills afforded by the study of history can be valuable to students pursuing any professional career path.

Popular Culture Interdisciplinary Minor

The Interdisciplinary Popular Culture minor provides students with a background in several areas of popular culture. It will help prepare students for a variety of graduate programs including English, American Studies, Sociology, Psychology, and Business Administration, as well as careers in museums and interpretive centers, new media, publishing, film and television production, education, and entrepreneurship, or as writers and content providers.

Studio Arts

The minor in Studio Arts provides students who have an interest in visual arts the opportunity to develop an understanding of and appreciation for art and the creative process. The Studio Arts minor provides a well-rounded art experience featuring two-dimensional and three-dimensional media as well as survey courses.

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