The English major provides students with a comprehensive background in English in preparation for careers in teaching, journalism, new media, public relations, communications, library science, government, and graduate studies in English, Law, and Cultural Studies.

Students who major in English will develop the skills to communicate effectively both orally and in writing, have an understanding of the broad history and scope of the English language, grow their ability to analyze texts, and acquire knowledge of several genres, periods, and major writers.

English majors are required to take 36 credits in English, as well as complete a senior capstone project.

Additionally, students majoring in English can complete Secondary Education requirements to qualify for a license as a high school English teacher.

Popular Culture Concentration (English)

English majors may choose a concentration in Popular Culture, in addition to more traditional studies. The Popular Culture concentration emphasizes the reading and analysis of film, television, music, video games, genre literature, and other mass-produced forms. The Popular Culture emphasis will be useful for students who are interested in graduate studies in English, Cultural/American Studies, History, or Communication. Also, students are interested in secondary education, new media, marketing, advertising, and entrepreneurship will find the skills and theories in the Popular Culture concentration useful to their careers.

General Education Core Requirements

  • ENG101 Introduction to College Writing and Information Literacy
  • ENG102 Reading and Writing About Literature
  • COM101 Speech Communication
  • English Elective
  • Fine Arts
  • MAT202 Statistics
  • Math Elective
  • CIS101A Microsoft Windows/Word
  • Natural Sciences
  • PHI301 Ethics for the Professional
  • Elective in Philosophy and/or Religious Studies
  • Social Sciences (History, Geography, Political Science, ECO101)
  • Behavioral Sciences (Sociology, Psychology, Human Services, Anthropology)
  • ACT110 College Experience
  • Global Awareness*

* The global awareness requirement is met by completing one three-credit English, Social Science, or Religious Studies course that is designated as meeting this requirement.

Specific Requirements for English majors

  • ENG210 British Literature
  • ENG211 American Literature
  • ENG212 World Literature
  • ENG302 Shakespeare
  • ENG340 Writing and Grammar
  • ENG430 Seminar in English*

Distributive Requirements for English majors

  •  Elect 6 English courses 4 of which must be at the 300 or 400 level

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