The Liberal Studies major (Associates of Arts or Bachelor of Arts) is designed to educate students in the broadest sense, utilizing a holistic approach to understanding human civilization. Study of an interdisciplinary curriculum provides knowledge of human society within a historical, social, physical, and aesthetic context.

In addition, students can minor in English, History, Political Science, and Studio Arts, Business, Psychology or Human Services.

Specific Requirements for Liberal Studies Major

  • Anthropology, Psychology, and/or Sociology (choose two courses)
  • ENG209 History of the English Language or any foreign language course
  • FIA161 Art Appreciation & History or FIA170 Music Appreciation
  • HIS101 World Civilizations I
  • HIS102 World Civilizations II
  • HIS103 United States History I
  • HIS104 United States History II
  • Any Political Science or Geography course or ECO101
  • Any Philosophy and/or Religion
  • Any upper level English or History course
  • INT430 Seminar in Liberal Studies*

*Capstone course
Note: 18 credits from the above requirements may be used to satisfy the General Education Program. The degree must include at least nine credits of upper level courses. All students majoring in Liberal Studies are strongly encouraged to choose a minor.

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