The Business Division offers the Master of Business Administration. This program develops leadership and management skills designed to meet the professional needs of individuals working in middle and upper-level positions in the context of business, public, and not-for-profit environments. While the major thrust of the program is on leadership development, it specifically promotes the development of strategic decision making skills as they relate to organizational performance. In recognition of the core elements of management in organizations in all sectors of society, the curriculum offers a variety of courses including offerings in leadership, professional ethics, and business strategy. Students in this program will not only upgrade their technical business decision-making skills but also increase their overall organizational effectiveness and value through improved leadership and management skills. The final course in this sequence, GBA513 Entrepreneurial and Strategic Thinking, is the capstone of the program and is a case study oriented business policy course aimed at the strategic side of organizational leadership.

Clarkson 4 +1 MBA Option

College of St. Joseph and the School of Business at Clarkson University have established a 4 + 1 Plan which offers graduates of the College of St. Joseph Business Programs an opportunity to obtain a Master of Business Administration degree from Clarkson University. Graduates of the College of St. Joseph’s Business Programs who complete the required foundation courses and meet the prescribed admission standards are guaranteed admission to the Clarkson MBA program. Students interested in pursuing the Clarkson MBA program should contact the Chair of the Division of Business for additional information.

Master of Business Administration requirements

  • GBA500 Leadership in the 21st Century
  • GBA501 The Legal, Social, and Environmental Implications of Business Decisions
  • GBA502 21st Century Management Practices
  • GBA503 Managing Organizational Behavior
  • GBA504 Informational Technology Applications in Management Decisions
  • GBA505 Ethics and the Leadership Role
  • GBA506 Delivering Superior Customer Value
  • GBA507 Quantitative Thinking
  • GBA508 Economic Thinking
  • GBA509 Accounting for Decision Makers
  • GBA510 Managerial Marketing
  • GBA511 Applying Managerial Finance
  • GBA512 Operations and Systems Management
  • GBA513 Entrepreneurial and Strategic Thinking*

*Capstone class

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