The Sports Management major provides students with the skills to pursue careers in the management of profit and not-for profit sport enterprises. The Sports Management program provides graduates with the skills to effectively plan, coordinate, and develop strategic plans to effectively manage the physical and human resources to conduct an effective profit or not-for profit sporting activity.
The culmination of the program is the capstone class Business Policy and Strategic Management (BUS440), where students complete a specific project that demonstrates the cumulative knowledge of the Sports Management discipline.

General Education Core Requirements

  • ENG101 Introduction to College Writing and Information Literacy
  • ENG102 Reading and Writing About Literature
  • COM101 Speech Communication
  • English Elective
  • Fine Arts
  • MAT202 Statistics
  • Math Elective
  • CIS101A Microsoft Windows/Word
  • Natural Sciences
  • PHI301 Ethics for the Professional
  • Elective in Philosophy and/or Religious Studies
  • Social Sciences (History, Geography, Political Science, ECO101)
  • Behavioral Sciences (Sociology, Psychology, Human Services, Anthropology)
  • ACT110 College Experience
  • Global Awareness*

* The global awareness requirement is met by completing one three-credit English, Social Science, or Religious Studies course that is designated as meeting this requirement.

Business Core

  • ACC101 Financial Accounting
  • CIS101B Spreadsheets: Microsoft Excel
  • BUS203 Business Communications
  • BUS301 Business Finance
  • BUS303 Business Law
  • BUS305 Principles of Management
  • BUS306 Human Resource Management
  • BUS440 Business Policy: Strategic Management
  • CIS305 Spreadsheet Applications
  • CIS310 Management Information Systems
  • ECO207 Macroeconomic Principles
  • ECO208 Microeconomic Principles

Specific Sports Management Courses

  • BUS309 Marketing
  • SPM301 Introduction to Sports Management
  • SPM315 Sports Facility Management
  • SPM401 Legal Aspects of Sports Management
  • SPM410 Financial Implications of Sports Management
  • Business Electives

Additional Requirements

  • PSY240 Sports Psychology
  • Physical Education Courses

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