The Master’s Program in Elementary Education is designed for students who desire an endorsement in elementary education, K-6. Students must have current teacher licensure in another area or level. This program prepares students with a foundation of educational theory, research, and practices for teaching in the elementary school classroom. This preparation focuses on reading theory and practice, thematic teaching and portfolio assessment. Courses emphasize critical thinking, evaluation, and writing. Students are required to complete a three-credit practicum. The three-credit practicum is used to meet the 60 hours of early field experience required for licensure in the State of Vermont and is designed to meet the individual needs and interests of students.

Specific Admission Requirements

Current teacher licensure in another area or level.

Program Requirements

General Education Core

  • GED 500 Educational Research
  • GED 501 Contemporary Issues in Education
  • GED 503 Curriculum Development

Area of Concentration

  • GED 509 Math Concepts and Methods
  • GED 510 Science in the Elementary School
  • GED 527 Teaching Social Studies in the Elementary School
  • GRE 507 Children’s Literature and Language Arts
  • GRE 512 Developmental Reading
  • GSP 503 Behavioral and Learning Characteristics of Students with Special Needs


  • GED 520A Practicum in Elementary Education*


  • Education Elective
  • Reading Elective

Choose one 3-credit course from the following:

  • GRE 511 Emergent Literacy
  • GRE 513 Reading Diagnosis and Remediation
  • GRE 514 Reading in the Content Areas
  • GRE 516 Reading and Writing Workshop
  • GRE 518 Word Study

*A grade of B or better is required.

Additional Competency: This competency may be met by previous courses taken to meet the requirements of the undergraduate degree.

Developmental Psychology (covering the lifespan)