The Master’s Program in Special Education qualifies graduates for Vermont licensure as a special educator in Grades K-8 and/or Grade 7-Age 21.

Students must choose at the time of admission the level at which they want their endorsement. Endorsement across the full range will require an additional practicum and, possibly, additional coursework in Developmental Psychology. This program provides students with an understanding of the issues, laws, and practices in special education. There is an emphasis on full inclusion, assessment, collaboration, and team teaching.

Specific Admission Requirements

  • Teacher licensure in another area
  • A prior course in the teaching of reading or GRE512: Developmental Reading

Program Requirements

General Education Core

  • GED 500 Educational Research
  • GED 501 Contemporary Issues in Education
  • GED 505 Educational Psychology

Area of Concentration

  • GRE 513 Reading Diagnosis and Remediation
  • GSP 503 Behavioral and Learning Characteristics of Students with Special Needs
  • GSP 504 Assessment in Special Education
  • GSP 505 Instruction and Curriculum in Special Education
  • GSP 506 Program Development and Management in Special Education
  • GSP 508 Special Education Law


  • GSP 520A Practicum in Special Education* (at the level appropriate for the endorsement sought)

*A grade of B or better is required


  • Education Electives

Additional Competencies: These competencies may be met by previous courses taken to meet the requirements of the current licensure or as electives.

Developmental Psychology (covering the range of the endorsement sought)