The Bachelor of Arts degree programs in English and Secondary Education are designed for students who desire initial licensure in Secondary Education/English (grades 7-12). The program prepares students to teach English in grades 7 through 12.

Students are asked to complete the requirements in the general education core of 45 semester hours, an English major of 36 semester hours, the secondary education requirements of 31 semester hours, and general electives for a total of 127 credits.

General Education Core

Contained and counted in the General Education Core

  • CIS 101ABD Computer Literacy
  • MAT 202 Statistics
  • PHI 301 Ethics for the Professional
  • PSY102 Introduction to Psychology
  • One Science course containing a health component
    English Major Requirements
  • General Electives

Secondary Education Requirements

  • EDU 101 Introduction to Education
  • PSY 331 Issues in Adolescence
  • SEE 310 Teaching for Effective Classroom Management
  • SEE 301 Introduction to Special Education in the Secondary School
  • SEE 308 Reading in the Content Area – Secondary
  • SEE 401A Secondary Methodology & Technology – English
  • SEE 420 Student Teaching in the Secondary School