Assistant Professor of Psychology & Human Services

Education: Nova-Southeastern University, Ed.D.; SUNY Albany, M.S.W.; Castleton State College, B.S.W.

Dr. Walsh has extensive experience and education in the field of social work. He has provided training on the long-term effects of critical and traumatic incidents and PTSD and other potentially self-injurious or destructive behaviors like alcohol and substance abuse to State Police from Vermont and other states.

In addition to training and teaching, Dr. Walsh has been working to look into the effects of primary and secondary stress on workers in human services alongside colleagues from other education and state institutions as part of the Committee for Worker Well-being, Resilience, and Productivity. Through the committee, he has helped to develop specific policy initiatives and practice guidelines to assistant workers in preventing or reliving the debilitating effects of primary and secondary trauma symptomology.

Dr. Walsh is a member of the American Academy of Experts in Traumatic Stress and the National Center for Crises Management. He is board certified in Traumatic Stress Management and Corporate Crises Response.

Main College Phone: (802) 773-5900, ext: 3221
Direct Line: (802) 776-5221