The Clinical Psychology Program trains master’s degree level professional psychologists who can assist clients in the enhancement of their psychological well-being. It is based on a foundation that recognizes the importance of the scientific method of clinical inquiry, sound research and psychological assessment, and a developmental, psycho-educational model of intervention that focuses on a client’s strengths while recognizing the behavior deficits that interfere with effective living.

The faculty looks at master’s level psychologists as human development teachers whose primary function is to help individuals enhance life adjustment, facilitate personal growth and develop behavioral competencies. The faculty believes that an effective psychologist requires an integration and internalization of both personal and professional attributes. The faculty works with the belief that an effective therapist is an effective human being. For this reason, the program emphasizes the development of theoretical knowledge, therapeutic competencies, personal awareness and growth, and professional ethical thinking.

Specific Requirements

*indicates that a minimum grade of “B” is required

  • GPS500 Ethics and Foundations of Counseling*
  • GPS501 Developmental Psychology*
  • GPS502 Advanced Theories of Psychotherapy*
  • GPS503 Research Methods
  • GPS504 Advanced Abnormal Psychology*
  • GPS505 Group Counseling
  • GPS507 Psychological Appraisal*
  • GPS508 Intellectual Assessment*
  • GPS509 Personality Assessment*
  • GPS518 Diversity and Professional Relationships*
  • GPS519 Counseling Techniques*
  • GPS522 Foundations of Alcohol and Substance Abuse
  • GPS525 Psychopharmacology
  • GPS531 Clinical Psychology Field Experience I*
  • GPS532 Clinical Psychology Field Experience II*
  • GPS540 Thesis
  • GPS551 Clinical Psychology Field Experience III*
  • GPS552 Clinical Psychology Field Experience IV*
  • Thesis students take one elective
  • GPS506 Family Systems (non-thesis students)

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