The Child and Family Services major is designed for students who wish to work with children, adolescents, and/or families in a counseling-related capacity. Typical employment opportunities include early intervention programs, case management, counseling, or advocacy positions in social service agencies, mental health programs (such as child and family services, parent education, or respite services), or in other nonprofit human service agencies. Our students demonstrate the willingness to engage in self assessment, personal and professional growth, and to address areas such as values clarification, ethical decision making, interpersonal style, and respect for individual differences.

General Education Core Credits

  • CIS101AMicrosoft Windows/Word
  • COM101 Speech Communication
  • ENG101 Introduction to College Writing and Information Literacy
  • ENG102 Reading and Writing about Literature
  • MAT101 Survey of Math or BUS102 Business Math
  • Natural Science (Biology recommended)
  • Arts and Sciences Elective
  • Philosophy/Religion Elective
  • General Elective (excluding HUS, PSY, SOC)
  • Social Science Elective
  • ACT110 College Experience

Specific Requirements Credits

  • HUS102 Introduction to Human Services
  • HUS105 Professional Development and Community Service
  • HUS106 Professional Development and Crisis Management
  • HUS107 Career Development in the Helping Professions
  • HUS216 Evaluation Techniques
  • HUS305 Theories of Personality
  • HUS306 Counseling and Case Management
  • HUS315 Culture and Community in Human Services
  • HUS320A Field Experience I in Child and Family Services
  • HUS336 Family Dynamics
  • HUS406 Family Counseling and Mediation
  • HUS420A Field Experience II in Child and Family Services
  • PSY102 Introduction to Psychology
  • PSY103 Developmental Psychology
  • PSY201 Principles of Learning
  • PSY304 Abnormal Psychology
  • PSY329 Infant & Early Childhood Development
  • PSY330 Child Growth & Development
  • PSY331 Issues in Adolescence
  • Elective in HUS, PSY, SOC, or EDU

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