The Accelerated Bachelor of Arts major in Behavioral Science provides an opportunity for working professionals in the field of human services to strengthen and broaden their knowledge of human behavior as it applies to individual health, growth, pathology, cultural influences, research methodology and other topics of relevance to helping professionals, in order to provide a foundation for entry into a graduate program in psychology, mental health, or an allied counseling field.
By the end of their program, students will

  • Engage in individual assessment resulting in personal and professional development.
  • Understand normal development as well as abnormal human behavior.
  • Understand issues of diversity, law and ethical behavior.
  • Develop an awareness of the scope, purpose, careers and services available in the helping professions;
  • Understand counseling theories and methods, as well as their applications.
  • Develop an increased understanding of their personal and professional values as well as ways in which core beliefs and theories influence different counseling approaches.
  • Gain sufficient knowledge for entry into a graduate program in psychology or an allied counseling field.
  • Understand how psychology is applied to personal health issues and maintenance.
  • Demonstrate an understanding of current issues in the field of human services as well as issues of social importance.

General Education Core Requirements

  • ENG101 Intro to College Writing and Information Literacy
  • ENG102 Reading & Writing about Literature
  • COM101 Speech Communication
  • English Elective
  • Fine Arts
  • Math Elective
  • CIS101A&B Computer Literacy
  • Natural Science
  • Elective in Philosophy or Religious Studies
  • Social Science
  • Behavioral Science

Specific Requirements

  • BSA102 Personal Assessment (Module 1)
  • PSA103 Development Psychology (Module 2)
  • HSA315 Culture and Community (Module 3)
  • PSA304 Abnormal Psychology (Module 4)
  • HSA305 Theories of Personality (Module 5)
  • HSA306 Case Management and Counseling (Module 6)
  • PSA410 Research Methods I (Module 7)
  • PSA424 Health Psychology (Module 8)
  • Electives (Determined for each cohort based on faculty assessment of student needs and interests (Modules 9-11))
  • BSA443 Contemporary Issues in Behavioral Sciences* (Module 12)

General Electives

  • 46 credits

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