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College of St. Joseph offers varied undergraduate majors, minors, concentrations and professional development opportunities to meet your educational needs. As a career-focused, liberal arts college, CSJ’s programs are focused on the needs of today’s employers.

Most of our 21 degree programs, minors and concentrations can be combined to fit your interests and career goals.

Accounting at CSJ


The Associate & Bachelor level Accounting major prepares students for careers in public, corporate and nonprofit accounting.

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Alcohol and Substance Abuse Services

The Bachelor of Science in Alcohol and Substance Abuse Services provides students with a solid ethical and theoretical foundation as well as knowledge about alcohol and substance abuse-related problems in our society.

Business Administration

The Business Administration major provides graduates with a firm understanding of the differing skills (accounting, finance, marketing and management) required for success in today’s competitive business environment.

Child and Family Services

Child and Family Services

The Bachelor of Arts in Child and Family Services is designed for students who wish to work with children, adolescents, and/or families in a counseling-related capacity.

Community Development and Counseling

Community Development and Counseling

The Community Development and Counseling major provides flexibility for students who wish to pursue careers in Human Services.

Criminal Justice

Criminal Justice

Students enrolled in our Criminal Justice degree programs are well-positioned to pursue professional opportunities in the field as well as gain knowledge and skills that serve them well in other professions.

Educational Studies

The Bachelor of Arts in Educational Studies allows students to explore and better understand the broader context of education.


Graduates of our English program are prepared for careers in teaching, journalism, public relations, advertising, communications, library science and government or graduate studies in English.

CSJ Medical Coding and Billing

Health Science

Graduates of our Health Science major are prepared for acceptance into Physician Assistant Master of Science programs. This pre-professional program provides a strong foundation in biomedical and clinical sciences.

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Graduates of our History program carry with them a broad understanding of culture, politics and innovation through the ages. Our graduates have highly developed skills in historical research and critical thinking.

Human Services

The Associate Degree program in Human Services teaches students the skills to function at an entry level in a variety of human service settings and capacities.

Liberal Studies

Graduates of our Liberal Studies program are educated in the broadest sense. The program uses a holistic approach to understanding human civilization.


The Bachelor of Science in Psychology prepares students to think critically, make effective decisions, and contribute to solving social problems within our society.

Public Safety Administration

Public Safety Administration

This 120-credit, four year degree program will provide students with knowledge on the nature and causes of personal and property offenses in the private, corporate, and public emergency setting.

Radiologic Sciences at CSJ

Radiologic Sciences

Graduates of the Radiologic Sciences program will be thoroughly prepared in the areas of proficiency and technical knowledge to perform radiographic procedures.

Radiologic Sciences


College of St. Joseph offers a Sonography major to students interested in learning diagnostic medical sonography.

Sports Management

Sports Management

The Sports Management major provides students with the skills to pursue careers in managing sport enterprises.