Accounting at CSJ

Accounting is a growing career choice among young professionals, with the U.S. Board of Labor Statistics projecting 13 percent growth by 2022. Accounting is in high demand, and a degree in accounting can offer you opportunities for advancement and growth in your career.

Courses include topics in accounting principles, managerial accounting, auditing and federal income tax. An accounting internship allows supervised learning in an accounting position with a local firm. CSJ offers both associate and bachelor degree options in accounting.

Our Bachelor Science in Accounting provides a solid background for individuals considering earning their MBA at College of St. Joseph.

About the Business Division

The Associate of Science and Bachelor of Science in Accounting are offered under the Business Division.

CSJ’s Business Division prepares you with fundamental skills to succeed in business, not-for-profit organizations and government entities. Students learn about accounting, finance, marketing, management and leadership while having the opportunity to specialize in an area of interest. The Business Division offers Associate Degrees in Accounting and Business Administration, Bachelor Degrees in Accounting, Business Administration, Sports Management, and a Master of Business Administration program.