Mariah is an accounting major

The Accounting minor provides students with a basic understanding of accounting principles.

Requirements for an Accounting Minor

BUS101 Introduction to Business3This introductory course provides the student with an overview of business and its environment. Topics include business trends, globalization, forms of ownership, business law, entrepreneurship, management, leadership, human resource management, marketing, decision making, accounting, finance, business ethics, and social responsibility.
BUS211 Business Finance3Studies the field of finance, both private and public, with emphasis placed on current approaches as they pertain to a business. The mathematics of finance, capital budgets, loan and investment alternatives and working capital management are discussed. Prerequisite: BUS102 or MAT103 and ACC101.
ACC101 Financial Accounting3Introduces students to generally accepted accounting principles and accounting process with regards to corporations, partnerships, and sole-proprietorships. The basic concepts, principles, and techniques used to generate accounting data, financial statements and the interpretation and use of financial data to enhance the decision-making process are covered.
ACC102 Managerial Accounting3This course covers materials relating to the accounting cycle and the preparation of a basic set of financial statements. Emphasis on the analysis and interpretation of accounting reports including ratios and cash flow analysis. The use of accounting information for managerial planning, control, and decision-making through budgeting, cost and variance analyses, and responsibility accounting. Prerequisite: ACC101.
ACC201 Intermediate Accounting I3A comprehensive study of accounting concepts and principles underlying the form and content of financial statements. Emphasis will be placed on the theory supporting the alternative treatments of various accounting problems relating to cash, receivables, inventories, plant and other assets. The course will review some of the recent changes and proposed changes in accounting theory and practice. Prerequisite: ACC102.
ACC202 Intermediate Accounting II3Continues the study of accounting concepts and theory with particular emphasis on the accounting principles issued with respect to liabilities and equity. The use of accounting information as a basis for decision-making by the various users of financial statements will be emphasized. Includes an analysis of a company’s financial statements through a comprehensive review of a recent annual report. Prerequisite: ACC201.