Dr. Walsh teaches Alcohol and Substance Abuse

College of St. Joseph’s Bachelor of Science in Alcohol and Substance Abuse Services provides you with a solid ethical and theoretical foundation, as well as substantial knowledge about the causes, effects, assessment and treatment of alcohol and substance abuse-related problems in our communities.

The program is designed to meet established academic and supervised experience requirements for certification as an Apprentice Substance Abuse Counselor (ASAC) in Vermont by matching course requirements to SAMHSA national competencies and IC&RC/AODA core functions.

Once training and employment (paid or volunteer) requirements have been met, applicants must pass a written examination designed to measure their knowledge of substance abuse and its treatment. ASAC certification in Vermont is valid for a period of six years and is non-renewable.

5th Year Certificate Program in Alcohol and Substance Abuse Services

Eligible students from College of St. Joseph who successfully complete the Bachelor of Science in Alcohol and Substance Abuse Services may be admitted into a 5th year certificate program in order to complete additional training and field work experiences that meet the educational training requirements for being credentialed as a Certified Alcohol and Drug Abuse Counselor or Student Assistance Professional.

About the Psychology & Human Services Division

The Bachelor of Science in Child and Family Services is offered under the Psychology & Human Services Division.

CSJ’s Psychology & Human Services Division educates and trains professionals in psychology, substance abuse treatment, counseling and human services. Students in the division have an interest in the welfare of others and understand the importance of strong communities.

The Division of Psychology & Human Services offers undergraduate degree programs in Human Services, Psychology, Alcohol and Substance Abuse Services, Community Development and Counseling, and Child and Family Services. The division also offers a graduate certificate in Alcohol and Substance Abuse Services and degree programs in School Counseling, Clinical Psychology, Clinical Mental Health Counseling, and Community Counseling: Alcohol and Substance Abuse Services.