Dr. Balfour teaches history

College of St. Joseph’s Bachelor of Arts in History demonstrates the great value of a degree in history. You’ll learn about events that shaped earlier societies as well as cultural sensitivity and the power of considering different points of view. By assessing and interpreting past events, you will develop skills in historical research and critical thinking.

In CSJ’s history program you can expect individual attention with plenty of discussion and debate about cultural, political and intellectual development through the ages.

College of St. Joseph also offers a Popular Culture Concentration in History for history majors. The concentration emphasizes the reading and analysis of film, television, music, video games and other mass-produced forms.

CSJ also offers a minor in history for students who are pursuing another major, but wish to enhance their education through an increased understanding of historical events and perspectives.

About the Arts & Science Division

The Bachelor of Arts in History is offered under the Arts & Science Division.

The rich opportunities of the Arts & Sciences Division go well beyond the classroom. You’ll find yourself taking advantage of internships and honor societies, participating in campus events, conferences, visits to cultural sites and much more. The Arts & Sciences Division offers undergraduate majors in English, Health Science, History, Liberal Studies, Radiologic Sciences, and Sonography.