Social Media Concentration at CSJ

This 15-credit elective will equip you with the tools to manage social media and web properties for a business or organization in your chosen field.

You will be able to communicate effectively through writing and design using blogs, social media and other online platforms, interpret website and social media analytics to assess and improve performance, and design, plan and execute effective online marketing solutions.

Requirements for a Social Media Concentration

Specific Requirements
SOM201 Writing for the Web3This course is designed to provide students with solid introductory knowledge of content creation and curation techniques for the web, identifying the needs of an audience and the importance of style and grammar standards. Students will learn and execute various forms of writing, including blogging, journalistic writing, broadcast writing and distribution of content via social media. In addition, the course will cover broader topics including legal and ethical issues, such as libel and copyrights, and a look at the changes technology had brought, such as the shift in the influence of traditional media outlets.
SOM260 Social Media Communications3This course will examine how social media has transformed personal and business communications. Students will explore how social media has changed the way people interact and the expectations of consumers and advertisers. Students will explore how content is collected, shared and consumed and how media and marketers reach targeted audiences. This course will focus on key concepts that can be applied to all social media and Web planning, regardless of the popular platform of the day.
BUS432 Web-Based Marketing & Advertising3Examines the various methodologies utilized for effective marketing through the Internet and the development of an Internet marketing plan. Case studies are used to explore the use of electronic catalog, intelligent agents, banners, etc. in the formulation of a successful web-base marketing campaign. Prerequisite: BUS309 or permission of Division Chairperson.
MAT202 Statistics3Applies statistical procedure to different areas of life. Course examines descriptive statistics, measures of central tendency and dispersion, probability, binomial and normal distributions, regression and correlation. Sophomore standing.
Choose one of the following:
COM201 Mass Media in American Culture 3This course investigates the historical development and technological evolution of mass communication in the United States. The course will explore roles and content of newspapers, television, radio, film, and the internet from a variety of theoretical perspectives. In addition to traditional forms of media, this course will pay specific attention to emerging technologies and social networking.
Digital Marketing Internship3Students can participate in a digital marketing internship to fulfill requirements.