Studio Arts

A Studio Arts minor is a great choice if you have an interest in visual arts, as it will provide you with the opportunity to develop an understanding of and appreciation for art and the creative process.

The 18-credit Studio Arts minor provides you with a well-rounded art experience, featuring two-dimensional and three-dimensional media, as well as survey courses.

Requirements for a Studio Arts Minor

FIA101 Art Fundamentals3A foundation studio course in which students explore the elements of design: line, shape and form, space, texture, value, and color and the principles involved in their use in the fine arts. This course develops an understanding of the elements and principles of art within the context of a variety of experiences utilizing different art media and techniques. $50 lab fee.
FIA161 Art Appreciation and History3Study of the history, theory and appreciation of painting, sculpture and architecture as well as a survey of major art works and the methods used to explore them. The course explores painting, sculpture and architecture from prehistoric to modern times.
Six credits must be selected from:
FIA102 Arts and Crafts3This course emphasizes experience with selected craft media. Understanding of the elements and principles of art in the context of a variety of experiences is emphasized as well as the contribution of crafts to our cultural and historical heritage.
FIA104 Art of Drawing3Fundamentals of drawing and composition including still life and landscape with emphasis on pencil, charcoal, conte crayon and pen and ink, etc. The course will develop a visual awareness of shape, line, color, value, texture and space. (May be repeated based on individual evaluation.)
FIA111 Applied Design3This course will focus on two-dimensional applications of elements and principles of design in fine art, commercial design, and environmental aesthetics.
FIA203 Nature Drawing3A drawing course where natural objects will be used to develop a visual awareness of the elements and principles of art. Instruction will be given in the uses of various types of media: pencil, charcoal, pastel and color pencil. FIA101 suggested before taking this course.
Six credits must be selected from:
FIA130 Pottery Workshop3An introduction into the art of pottery making, including emphasis on the basic handbuilding techniques (pinch, coil, and slab), wheel throwing, firing, and glaze formulas.
FIA205 Introduction to Jewelry3An introduction to the art of metal jewelry making with equal emphasis on both the design fundamentals and construction skills needed to produce handcrafted items for personal adornment.
FIA230 Sculpture3An introductory course designed for the student interested in exploring various
construction and carving techniques used in creating three dimensional designs.