Here is important information on your rights and responsibilities regarding financial aid, grants, refunds and conduct.

Awarding Process

Financial aid packages are determined when a student has been accepted for admission into a degree program and the Financial Aid Office has received a valid FAFSA along with all requested supporting documentation.

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Enrollment and Financial Aid

Financial aid eligibility is reviewed and may be adjusted after the end of the second week of classes due to the students enrollment status change.

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Satisfactory Academic Progress

Satisfactory academic progress is used to measure the student’s academic progression toward the completion of a course of study based on the College of St. Joseph standards and federal regulations.

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Student Rights and Responsibilities

You have a number of rights and responsibilities as you partner with CSJ in utilizing federal, state and college resources in funding your college education.

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First-time Borrowers

First-time borrowers (or in some cases, borrowers attending a new school) are required to complete a master promissory note and entrance and exit counseling.

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Code of Conduct

The financial aid staff at College of St. Joseph maintains exemplary standards of professional conduct in all aspects of providing student financial aid.

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Drug Law Violations

Federal or state drug conviction can disqualify a student from Federal and College of St. Joseph financial aid.

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Average Student Loan Debt

The percentage of students who graduated with student loan debt and the average amount of debt they graduated with.

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Refund Policy

Ceasing to attend classes does not constitute withdrawal from the college. Refunds of tuition permitted only after an official withdrawal from a course.

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