College of St. Joseph offers scholarship opportunities for first-time, full-time undergraduate students, including the Provider Scholarship program.

Criteria for scholarships

  • Student must be accepted for full-time admission to CSJ.
  • Student must be enrolled in college preparatory courses to be eligible.
  • Students accepted on a conditional basis are not eligible.
  • Scholarships must be applied toward tuition at CSJ and are not transferable to other colleges.
  • Student may be eligible for more than one scholarship. A student qualifying for multiple scholarships will be evaluated on a combination of academic performance and financial need.

Available scholarships

Recipients are selected by CSJ’s scholarship committee. Many of our scholarships are based on financial need and some are based on academic performance.

Blue and White Academic Scholarship

This scholarship is available to eligible students who are not participating in the Provider Scholarship program. It is awarded by the College of St. Joseph scholarship committee to a high school student entering as a first-year undergraduate who is accepted for full-time admission to CSJ. High school academic performance must show completion in college preparatory courses with above average academic performance as determined by the CSJ scholarship committee. This scholarship is renewable based on the student maintaining good academic standing, demonstrating a positive contribution to the CSJ community and full-time enrollment status. The scholarship must be used for tuition only. There is no separate application for this scholarship as all decisions will be based on the student’s admission and financial aid file information. (FAFSA required).

College of St. Joseph Alumni Referral Scholarship

Funded by the college, this scholarship is available to full-time undergraduate students only (excludes accelerated programs of study). The name of the College of St. Joseph alumni who has referred the student to CSJ must be noted on the student’s application at the time of submission. If using the Common App, please email with the name of the referring alumni at the time of application. Recipients who reside on campus (full-time) will receive a $2,000 scholarship. Recipients who commute to campus (full-time) will receive a $1,000 scholarship. This scholarship is renewable. Subject to availability of funds.

College of St. Joseph Grant

Funded by the college, this grant is designed to assist full-time undergraduate students with demonstrated financial need as determined by the College of St. Joseph scholarship committee. Subject to availability of funds.

Sisters of St. Joseph Grant

The Sisters of St. Joseph Grant of $1,000 is for students who will perform first-year community service at a faith-based institution or nonprofit organization. This non-renewable grant is for full-time commuter and resident students and is applied during their first year at CSJ. The grant is also available to students in the Provider Program who wish to serve a faith-based institution for their first-year service requirement. A letter from a priest/pastor/minister/church in support of the student’s service is required.

CSJ Family Grant

Funded by the college, this renewable $1,000 grant is available to commuter and resident students when more than one immediate family member attends CSJ
full time.