If your child is the right fit for CSJ, the college will be the right fit for your family. Our Provider Scholarship model makes college financially accessible to all families and provides an atmosphere of support and satisfaction that fosters academic and personal growth.



The staff and faculty at College of St. Joseph know the importance of personal growth, intellectual development and service to the community, and they take a personal interest in your child’s success in these areas.

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Financial Accessibility at CSJ

Financial Accessibility

Our Provider Scholarship program, worth more than $60,000 over four years, addresses college debt in a meaningful way while helping the college fulfill its mission. The out-of-pocket cost for the student decreases each of the four years in the program.

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Safety at CSJ

Safety & Well-being

Vermont is one of the safest states in the country, and CSJ provides a safe atmosphere for students along with plenty of support, counseling opportunities and meaningful relationships.

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Individual Attention

The College of St. Joseph prides itself on our ability to provide students with individual attention inside and outside of the classroom. We offer a 9 to 1 student to faculty ratio, which allows our instructors to get to know your child and see that their academic needs are met.

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