College of St. Joseph is committed to the idea that nobody should be denied a college education because they lack the financial resources.

We are one of the least expensive private colleges in New England because we are investing in our students’ futures. Rising college debt is an enormous issue for today’s generation, and CSJ has taken the lead in addressing it.

Our Provider Scholarship program, worth $65,000 over four years, addresses college debt in a meaningful way while helping the college fulfill its mission. Not only does tuition not increase, the cost of attending college will actually decrease as a student progresses.

To be eligible, students are asked to remain in good academic standing, participate in one campus activity and one community service event each semester, and take college experience courses to develop a common bond. The program fosters personal leadership skills, civic responsibility and community service, while providing students of all income levels an education they can afford.

We invest in our students. Our students invest in the college and community. Everyone wins.