College of St. Joseph prides itself on the ability to provide students with individual attention inside and outside of the classroom.

We offer a 9 to 1 student to faculty ratio, which allows our instructors to get to know your child and see that their academic needs are met.

Faculty and staff are accessible throughout a student’s stay. Faculty frequently go the extra mile to help a struggling student, and our dining director sometimes takes student requests of a favorite meal, in addition to helping students with their diets and providing nutritional information.

The college also provides a learning center to help students realize their full potential. The Learning Center offers academic skills classes, arranges tutoring and provides a quiet distraction-free environment for study and learning.

The family-oriented atmosphere in the residence halls and campus as a whole supports your child’s individual success by helping to build lasting relationships with students and staff. This tradition provides a safety net that will help foster a successful and happy stay at CSJ.