Vermont is one of the safest states in the country, and CSJ provides a safe atmosphere for students along with plenty of support and counseling opportunities.

In 2010, there were zero reported hate crimes, criminal offenses or arrests on campus, and only a handful of disciplinary events against students.

The college provides an array of campus support services free to the campus community.  Counseling Services provides an array of resources to assist students with personal or academic concerns. CSJ strives to achieve well-being through a campus-wide model of prevention, intervention, and continued assessment of needs.

Counseling provides an opportunity for students to meet with a trained professional to seek solutions to specific problems. Counseling provides a place to be supported and to gain insight on how to tackle life’s challenges.

Counseling Services considers the confidentially of students information as critical to our work. Our professional staff adheres to ethical and legal guidelines in safeguarding your information.