The College of St. Joseph Provider Scholarship Program offers far more than value, it is structured to promote values in your son or daughter.

The staff and faculty at College of St. Joseph know the importance of personal growth, intellectual development and service to the community, and they take a personal interest in your child’s success in these areas. The Provider model is more than a financial incentive; it fully integrates academics, service and campus life to honor the mission of the college.

Our students will develop a sense of responsibility to community needs both on campus and off. The Provider Program asks our students to look deeper, shape campus life and identify community needs. Service is built into all aspects of student life, from the scholarship plan, to campus living, to academic credit. It’s what we do and who we are.

Our Catholic values move our students to develop moral and ethical standards to guide them personally, professionally and socially. With this comes an appreciation of ideas, attitudes and behaviors that differ from their own.

CSJ’s academic programs engage students in critical thinking and help them build communication, technological and analytical skills that they can apply to both personal and professional goals.

We know that students who are part of something larger feel a greater satisfaction with their college experience. Our Provider Scholarship model promotes well-being and satisfaction by requiring campus and community involvement through service and activities.