College of St. Joseph supports the concept that not all learning experiences take place during formal educational activities.

The College has, therefore, established the Harvest Program through which a person with significant and meaningful learning experiences outside the normal scope of college and university instruction may petition the College for appropriate undergraduate academic credit.

An applicant must be accepted into a degree program at College of St. Joseph before applying for Harvest credit. The program is limited to students who begin their programs as adult learners.

Students wishing to seek Life Experience/Harvest credits will be assigned a mentor who will guide them through the process of developing a portfolio. Students may obtain up to 45 credits to meet general education requirements and/or electives.

Harvest credits may be used to replace general electives and courses from the general education core but may not be used to replace specific requirements of the core. Students may register for Harvest credits within the last two semesters of their program.

Financial aid is not available for Harvest credits. The Harvest fee, equal to the cost of a three-credit course, covers the first 12 credits earned. There will be a $75 charge for each additional credit earned.