Our coach

Adam Pullinen comes to CSJ with over a decade of coaching experience. He previously worked as head coach for Westchester Flames U-15 boy’s team, New York City Soccer Academy, and New York Premier Soccer Academy. He has been the assistant coach for Westchester Flames Men’s PDL Team of the United Soccer League, Castleton State College, and Adelphi and Columbia University.

He also holds several NSCAA coaching certifications. Read more about Adam.

Men’s soccer roster

  • Delcio Rocha
  • Patrick Dias
  • Willian Lima
  • Helder Andrade
  • Keven Andrade
  • Kyle Milligan
  • Dominick Simpson
  • Itamar Mane
  • Rosyvelt Baessa
  • Colton Benoit
  • Tyler Barsalow
  • Julio Garcia
  • Edson Ferrer
  • Brian Nation
  • Sergio Lopes


Recent updates for men’s soccer

  • Saints Soccer opens season Sept. 1 at Johnson State
    College of St. Joseph's men's soccer team opens their season Sept. 1, facing NAC member Johnson State.

  • Men’s Soccer loses 1-2 against UMM, Oct. 12
    The Fighting Saints men’s soccer team was in action on Oct. 12, against University of Maine-Machias. They lost by a score of 1-2. Rosyvelt Baessa led College of St. Joseph in scoring with 1 goal. Goalie Julio Garcia saved 5 balls in the contest. CSJ vs. Me.-Machias at UMM … MORE

  • Men’s Soccer defeats Word of Life 6-1, Oct. 7
    The Fighting Saints Men’s Soccer team was in action on Oct. 7 against Word of Life. They won by a score of 6-1. Delcio Rocha led College of St. Joseph in scoring with 2 goals.Taylor Barsalow added 2 assists in the contest. Word of Life … MORE

  • Men’s soccer team loses 0-2 to Paul Smith, Oct. 5
    The Fighting Saints men’s soccer team was in action on Oct. 5 against Paul Smith’s College. They lost by a score of 0-2. Rosyvelt Baessa led College of St. Joseph making 6 shots on goal. CSJ vs. Paul Smith’s College at Paul … MORE

  • Men’s soccer captures 9-0 victory against Hampshire, Oct. 3
    The Fighting Saints men’s soccer was in action on Oct. 3 against Hampshire. They won by a score of 9-0. Brian Nation led College of St. Joseph in scoring with 3 goals. Dominik Simpson added 7 shots on goal in the contest. Hampshire vs. CSJ (VT) at … MORE