Our coach

Parlen ModibaThe men’s soccer team is led by former professional soccer player Parlen Modiba, who instills dedication and self-respect into his teams. Parlen played professionally for the Ria Stars in South Africa.

He believes in hard work and and building practical soccer skills in his players. Parlen asks his players to stay in shape year-round, maintain a balanced life style and respect their talents, both on the field and in the classroom. Read more about Parlen.


Our team

KlyeKyle Milligan
#00 — Midfield
Weathersfield, Vt.
Tom HeavnerThomas Heavner
#4 — Back
Brattleboro, Vt.
DelcioDelcio Rocha
#6 — Midfield
Pawtucket, RI
Abadi GoodnowAbadi Goodnow
#7 — Forward
Vernon, Vt.
selfetamaItamar Mane
#7 — Midfield
Pawtucket, RI
Patrick DiasPatrick Dias
#10 — Midfield and Forward
Pawtucket, RI
TannerTanner Tibbits
#14 — Defense
Windsor, Vt.
Kwame JonesKwame Jones
#15 — Defense
Brooklyn, N.Y.
Coty BenoitColton Benoit
#18 — Back
Leicester, Vt.