Congratulations to Dr. Jonas Prida, whose book, “Conan Meets the Academy,” has been nominated for a Robert E. Howard Foundation award for outstanding achievement in Howard studies in 2012.

Several of the individual essays in the book are also nominated for awards. Those are “Barbarism Ascendant: The Poetic and Epistolary Origins of the Character and his World” by Frank Cofman, “Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Women: Gender Dynamics in the Hyborian World” by Winter Elliot, “Statistics in the Hyborian Age: An Introduction to Stylometery” by Daniel Look, “Hyborian Age Archeology: Unearthing Historical and Anthropological Foundations” by Jeffrey Shanks, “Canaan Lies Beyond the Black River: Howard’s Dark Rhetoric of the Contact Zone” by Paul Shovlin, and “Robert E. Howard’s Barbarian and the Western: A Study of Conan through the West and the Western Hero” by Daniel Weiss.

Prida’s book contains 10 essays from various sources exploring the figure of Conan the Barbarian. The book is divided into two parts: the first group of essays looks at the original Conan, as written by Robert Howard and published in the 1930s pulp magazine Weird Tales. The second part investigates the culture figure of Conan in video games, movies, folklore and parody.

The collection draws from a variety of academic perspectives: There are some traditional literary discussions, a stylometry [statistical analysis of texts] paper, cultural studies papers, gender studies work, and a folklore paper.