College of St. Joseph was honored to grant degrees to 78 graduates on May 12 at the college’s 54th commencement.

CSJ President Richard Lloyd conferred degrees upon the graduates.

Commencement speaker William Shouldice IV, CBO of the Vermont Teddy Bear Co., shared five life lessons with the class of 2013.

“With your degree in hand you will soon enjoy the distinction of being one of the best and the brightest. I would strongly urge you to pick a course that allows you to pursue your passion,” Shouldice said.

Shouldice’s five life lessons are: Passion precedes performance; Do not let the perfect stand in the way of the possible; Remember where you came from; Pay it Forward, Do Not be the person on the program standing in the way of the Celebration.

“Giving is a learned behavior. Once you have experienced it, I am confident that it will make you feel good and round you out as a person, in your family life and your professional performance by raising your game to include fulfilling your civic duty,” Shouldice said.

Dr. David Balfour, chair of the Arts & Sciences Division, led the processional. Sr. Maxyne Schneider, president of the Sisters of St. Joseph of Springfield, delivered the invocation and President Lloyd gave the benediction. The pianist was Kent Baker, playing “Priest’s March from Athalia” by F. Mendelssohn, during the processional, and Pomp and Circumstance during the recessional.