Congratulations are in order for Caroline LaCollie, Michael Reyes, and Dulcidio Dju, who earned a Global Top 100 ranking for their company’s Business Strategy Game (BSG) performance during the week of April 21 through April 27, 2014. They participate in the game as students in BUS440 Business Policy.

During the week there were 3,839 teams from 248 colleges/universities participating in the simulation world-wide. The BSG is a computer simulation of running an international athletic footwear company.

Students have to think strategically and apply their business skills in creating and implementing a business strategy.

Students are formed into teams, which comprise the companies in the competition. These companies compete against other companies within the course for sales. Students have to assess market conditions, determine actions of competitors, determine production levels, make financial decisions and lead their company.

They are measured on several different dimensions and given a scorecard each week along with the operating data from the prior week’s decisions. Their performance is also measured against all schools and students worldwide participating in the BSG.

  • The co-managers of Diamond Run (Company D), Caroline, Michael and Dulcidio, earned a Global Top 100 ranking on the following performance criteria:

  • Earnings Per Share – Their EPS of $21.64 was the 53rd best EPS performance of the week, worldwide!

  • Stock Price – Their Stock Price of $411.79 was the 64th best Stock Price performance of the week, worldwide!

“We are quite proud of our students for their excellent performance — a performance that reflects quite well on College of St Joseph and the caliber of instruction that students are receiving,” said Business Division Chair Dr. Robert Goddard.