College of St. Joseph announces that it is furthering its mission and addressing national concern over the rising cost of higher education by offering 70 Provider Scholarship for the fall 2013 semester. The scholarship, worth $65,000 over four years, incorporates community service, student life and academic courses to make college financially accessible.

Addressing College Debt

The Provider Scholarship addresses college debt in a meaningful way. CSJ will invest in the success of its students throughout their undergraduate education. The college will add to the student’s scholarship level each year they participate in the program, reducing the overall cost of education each year. Aid goes up and out-of-pocket expense goes down, keeping student loan debt in check.

Students are required to remain in good academic standing, participate in one campus activity and one community service event each semester, and take college experience courses to develop a common bond. The program fosters personal leadership skills, civic responsibility and community service, while providing students of all income levels an education they can afford.

Find out more

Find out more about the Provider Scholarship and request more information. CSJ is now accepting applicants for the program.

The Scholarship

Total Cost                            Scholarship                        Student Contributes

Year 1                    $30,000                 $14,500                 $15,500

Year 2                    $30,000                 $15,500                 $14,500

Year 3                    $30,000                 $16,500                 $13,500

Year 4                    $30,000                 $17,000                 $13,000