Judy Morgan has been named head women’s basketball coach at College of St. Joseph.

Morgan has coached basketball for more than 15 years in Division 2 and Division 3 schools in both Vermont and New Hampshire.

The majority of Morgan’s coaching experience has been at Proctor High School with successful teams going to the state finals. Morgan also managed high school boys and girls AAU teams in New Hampshire and ran a summer basketball leagues in the Rutland area.

Morgan says her coaching philosophy has always revolved around respect, hard work and discipline.

“I respect my players for their ability and their efforts, in turn I want to gain their respect by making them the athlete they hope to be and achieve the success we all want as a team,” Morgan said. “When a player has the drive and motivation to do their best they can accomplish great things and putting 110 percent into both practices and games not only makes you competitive, it also offers an athlete confidence off the court. I have always been a compassionate coach, here to listen and advise, and I plan to extend that into this program.”

Morgan said she will strive for a program that thinks like a team and plays like a team. Her goal as a coach is to produce a team of players that enjoys the sport, appreciates each other’s contributions and create an environment where the players are eager to come to the gym focused 100 percent on basketball and ready to work hard.  And ultimately have a championship team.

Morgan says there are a variety of ways to measure success for her team.

“Success is often gauged by the number of wins you have, and I love to win, but it is so much more than that.  If at the end of the season we have a record that is 12 and 12 and I know that my girls played their hearts out at each and every game and they walked off the court feeling good about themselves because they tried their very best, that is success.”

Athletic Director Phil Bartlett says Morgan’s dedication will be an asset to CSJ basketball.

“With the departure of Shane Lynch College of St Joseph has again found a diamond in the rough. Judy Morgan, will bring compassion to her position that is only exceeded by her work ethic and will to succeed. Bartlett said. “She is dedicated to continue the path on which Shane left. With a strong group of freshmen to help the upper classmen and her knowledgeable background, don’t be surprised at the results. The women’s team is going to be a force in 2012-13.”

Morgan sees the best part of the position as being able to make the team’s playing experience the best it can be.

“I love basketball and coaching, and the greatest part of this position is that I am here on campus so my availability will be beneficial to the team, as well as make me feel so much more a part of the campus,” Morgan said.