Course ID
Eng 212.01
Course name
World Literature
Days / Times
W/F 2:30 –3:45
Dr Jonas Prida
Materials / Lab fees
Course description
World Literature explores literary texts from Western and non-Western sources. The emphasis of the course is providing students a wide range of novels and short pieces from around the globe. The course examines a novel from five continents, in addition to investigating classic texts. Students will write two smaller papers and one larger research paper. Class is discussion-based, mixed with guided lecturing. Eng 102 required.
Learning objectives
The student will demonstrate a knowledge of culturally diverse literature from the United States or the world and write expository essays and/or research papers that demonstrate critical thinking skills.This course corresponds to CSJ’s missions of

  • Personal growth
  • Personal development
  • Intellectual development
  • Community service
About the instructor (competency statement)
I am an Associate Professor of English and interim chair of the Arts and Sciences Division. I earned my PhD in English from Tulane University, specializing in antebellum American Popular Culture. I recently edited the anthology _Conan Meets the Academy_, which was named best anthology by the Robert Howard Foundation. I remain active in the field of pulp studies, with an encyclopedia entry forthcoming on horror writer H.P. Lovecraft.
About this course:
Take this course if you are interested in reading Japanese detective parody and a Russian short story about a man whose nose goes on adventures without him. This course also explores the cultural politics at play in the readings, and the course will ask interesting questions about multi-culturalism and the effects of colonization. Also, did I mention that the Japanese novel is about a man looking for a sheep in Tokyo?