College of St. Joseph has named Mairin Miller as head coach for the men’s and women’s cross-country teams.

Miller is a believer in leading through example.

“Show, don’t tell. I believe that by showing my team successful habits, I will lead the team to successful results. With a strong commitment to healthy living, I plan to lead by example and create a desire and motivation to adopt the same healthy ideals.”

Miller believes that running is, perhaps, the best activity you can do for yourself both mentally and physically.

“By approaching the sport with a capacity for mental and physical health I look forward to working with young athletes to grow and develop in all aspects of life,” Miller said.

Miller is a first-time head coach, but is an experienced runner, having run marathons in San Diego, Calif., Nashville, Tenn. and Cape Cod, Mass.

“I know that running is 75 percent mental and 25 percent physical. I hope to foster energy and enthusiasm encouraging mental and physical strength and tenacity. I am delighted to have the opportunity to work with students doing something I truly love and hope to encourage the same love of the sport with my team,” Miller said.
Athletic Director Phil Bartlett said Miller will lead a period of growth for the cross-country program with her positive energy.

“Mai Miller is the sunshine of everyone’s day whether it is Monday morning or Wednesday afternoon. This type of influence on anyone is contagious, but for our student-athlete runners it is enormous. The grueling training for an event that is even more demanding on the body, needs a positive, motivational, and caring coach. Mai fits the bill, and will not only build a CSJ Cross Country Team, she will also take them to a level that College of St Joseph will be proud of.”