Provider Scholars, faculty, staff and area organizations gathered for a Provider Scholarship Program reflection to celebrate the 2,150 service hours our students have completed in the region this academic year.

President Rich Lloyd said he was proud of the effort of CSJ’s students.

“A year ago we imagined a model, and we put it in place. … It really exceeded expectations. 2,150 hours. That’s an amazing thing,” Lloyd said.

Meggan Lloyd, community engagement coordinator, thanked all of the students, faculty and staff who worked so hard all year to make the program a success.

“It really is tremendous. You all have made a measurable significant impact on the community,” Meggan Lloyd said. “Thank you to the faculty and staff for making such a strong commitment to the program. I’m so honored and blessed to work with all of you.”

Mark Gagnon, associate dean of student services, said that what we are learning is that serving the community is fun and rewarding for students.

“This work will help students all the way into the workforce,” Gagnon said.

Gagnon also talked about the impact of the implementation of Service Days next semester.

Community Days will provide regularly scheduled activities to engage and provide significant academic, service, spiritual and other opportunities to students, as well as to the larger college community. The day will also provide students greater access to faculty and staff outside of the traditional classroom setting.

Jen Dattoli of Vermont Achievement Center said CSJ students came to VAC and did some really nice work with students there. She described the Provider Scholarship Program as a wonderful benefit to the community.

Linda MacFarlane, of the Rutland Boys & Girls Club, said the experience of having CSJ students come to the Boys & Girls Club was great for the children there.

“The kids really appreciated being able to work on projects with you. Thanks you very much.” MacFarlane said.