There are many great spring offerings from our Education Division. Register today and keep building your professional development credits.

Course offering for Spring ’14:

  • GED 500.1 Educational Research
  • GED 505.1 Educational Psychology
  • GED 520.1 Student Teaching in Elementary Education
  • GED 520A.1 Practicum in Elementary Education
  • GRE 515.1 Advanced Seminar in Reading
  • GSE 520.1 Practicum in Secondary Education
  • GSE 521.1 Student Teaching in the Secondary School
  • GSP 503.1 Behavior & Learning Characteristics Stud Sp/Nds
  • GSP 505.1 Instruction and Curriculum in Special Education
  • GSP 506.1 Program Development and Management in Sp Educ
  • GSP 520.1 Student Teaching in Special Education
  • GSP 520A.1 Practicum in Special Education

Course descriptions:

Spring 2014 Graduate Course Schedule with Course Descriptions

Graduate class cost per credit – $500.

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