College of St. Joseph prides itself on having an array of clubs, organizations and events on campus.

Provider Scholarship Requirement

Participating in a club or honor society will fulfill your Provider Scholarship campus activity requirement. Recipients of the Provider Scholarship are required to participate in at least one campus activity all four years that they participate in the program.

As a part of our educational philosophy, we encourage students to participate in activities and clubs that will build character and give them a well-rounded college experience as well as promote school spirit.

Current clubs

Here is a sampling of our current campus clubs and organizations:

  • Business Club
  • Student Government Association
  • Human Services Club
  • Education Club
  • Environmental Club
  • GECO (Grow Eat Compost Organically)
  • Outdoor Adventure Club
  • Marble Valley Grows
  • Blue & White (CSJ Honor Society)
  • Multicultural Club
  • Music Ensemble Club

Students who excel in particular disciplines are invited to become members of local chapters of International Honor Societies sponsored by the college. These are:

Starting your own club

The college and Student Government Association are open to new ideas and encourage students to take an active role in shaping campus life. There is always an opportunity to become a campus leader and start a club for your fellow students.

For information about a starting a club, organization or activity contact the dean of students.