The Secondary Education Program is for individuals who have current teacher certification and desire to pursue advanced study in Education. Students can take courses related to an additional endorsement or a certificate of advanced study interest.

The program is also designed for individuals who do not have current teacher certification but who wish to explore advanced studies in Education for professional purposes.

Requirements for the Master’s in Secondary Education

GED500 Educational Research3The student is exposed to contemporary practices in educational research. Topics investigated include: research design, data analysis and interpretation, and literature review. Designs for researching problems and issues in public schools are emphasized through use of the Action Research model. Prerequisite: 21 graduate credits or by permission of the Division Chairperson. Fall and spring course.
GED501 Contemporary Issues in Education or a Contemporary Issue Course3This course will focus on the identification, definition and analysis of some of the most important problems facing the contemporary, public elementary and secondary schools. Students engage in problem solving strategies which address the routine of daily school operations. Many topics and discussions are designed to bring forth an exposure to local and national issues which impact the school community. Fall course.
GED505 Educational Psychology3Students will examine fundamental principles and concepts which apply to teaching. Learning theories, instructional methods, student diversity, organization and management of the classroom, and assessment approaches will be examined. Application of principles will occur through written exercises and simulations. Field observations will illustrate course-related concepts, and literature reviews will be assigned for exploring particular issues. Students in the School Counseling Program are expected to continue working on entries for their initial licensure portfolio (typically Entry 1). Summer course.
GSE503 Curriculum Development - Secondary3The course will explore the foundations for curriculum development, curriculum procedures and practices. The role of philosophy in curriculum planning as well as the impact of current trends in educational reform will direct class activities. Work on curriculum projects will center around Interstate Teacher Assessment and Support Consortium (InTASC) Model Core Teaching Standards. (Student taking GED503 may not take for GSE503 for credit.) Fall course.
GSE510 Teaching for Effective Classroom Management3GED510 Science in the Elementary School
Students will explore curriculum and materials in elementary science and become familiar with national and state standards for K-8 student performance in science. Students will develop and demonstrate lessons in science, research and review literature for use in science integration and survey technology with web based explorations. Summer course.
GSE514 Reading and Writing in Content Area - Secondary3This course will provide teachers with methods of instruction to support student reading and writing at grade levels 6-12. The reading component of the course will focus on strategies for increasing comprehension, expanding word identification and vocabulary as well as the effective use of informational sources, technology and information literary. The use of writing to learn, the writing process, the assessment of writing and the modifications to accommodate the learning needs of all students will be addressed. (Students taking GRE514 may not take GSE514 for credit.) Spring course offered as needed.
GSE515 Introduction to Special Education in the Secondary School3This course addresses contemporary issues relating to literacy, instruction and ELL. Individual research on specific topics of choice will also be required. Prerequisite: At least nine credits of reading courses. Spring course offered as needed.
Education Electives15Students are required to take 15 Education elective credits.