Pro-C.E.E.D. at CSJ

There is a strong correlation between improved leadership and better business performance. College of St. Joseph’s Leadership Principles and Practices for the 21st Century certificate addresses the most pressing issues organizations and executives face in areas of leadership. CSJ’s leadership experts will use a variety of methods, including role-play, simulations, group exercises and case studies to teach the fundamentals of leadership, interpersonal communications, confrontation management and negotiation.

Learning Outcomes

  •       Implement basic management and leadership principles.
  •       Deliver a message that is clearly understood.
  •       Move past a confrontational situation and find the root of the cause of conflict.
  •       Negotiate properly in day-to-day business activities.

Certificate Courses

PRO-LED#101 Advanced Leadership Development  

Through this course, students will be introduced to leadership topics such as developing potential in others, appreciative inquiry, a culture of trust, motivation, performance measures and managing resources and people. You will use resources including videos, role-plays and case studies to develop the skills needed to be a leader at every level.

PRO-LED#102 Communication – Getting your Message Across

How do messages get encoded, sent and decoded? Students will practice delivering a message so that it is clearly understood, focusing on the feedback loop to ensure that the message sent is the one received. You will explore different methodologies of message delivery through activities including role play and practice.

PRO-LED#103 Dealing with Confrontational People  

How do you react to confrontational situations? Students will learn to identify, select and practice the proper response to confrontational people and situations in this course through role-play, simulations, group exercises, and case studies. You will explore means of moving past confrontational situations and work to find the root cause of the conflict, allowing you to possibly prevent it in the future.

PRO-LED#104 Negotiation Skills

This module allows students to learn and apply negotiation skills, such as separating the person from the issue, focusing on the interest not the position, and inventing and exploring multiple options.


Receive all 12 classes and materials for only $750. Cost is $1,500 for individuals interested in applying credits toward an undergraduate degree program at CSJ.

Certificate Completion

To successfully meet the certificate requirements, you must:

  • Complete the four certificate courses listed below
  • Pass each certificate course (pass/fail grading system)

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