Pro-C.E.E.D. at CSJ

What does every business and nonprofit leader need to know? Finance, Operations, Marketing and Strategy. College of St. Joseph’s certificate program in small business management provides students with a great foundation of business knowledge. CSJ’s expert instructors will show students how to manage consumers, develop a business plan, increase profitability and much more.

Learning Outcomes

  •      Develop a systematic approach to financial analysis to better plan, forecast, and manage a business’s financial performance.
  •      Apply strategic and operational decisions to improve administration and production processes to customers.
  •      Develop a marketing plan through the alignment of initiatives with market opportunities.
  •      Gain a well-developed understanding of business enterprises and entrepreneurial and strategic thinking that drives the regional, national, and global economy.

Certificate Courses

PRO-BUP#101 Finance      

Everyone needs a systematic approach to financial analysis. Students in this module will learn techniques for planning, forecasting and managing, as well as evaluating and recommending improvements in capital budgeting, long and short-term financing, and management of working capital.

PRO-BUP#102 Operations

A competitive advantage leads to business success. Students in this module will learn how improved operations can help them achieve their organizational goals. Participants will gain knowledge in designing organizational functions, systems and processes.

PRO-BUP#103 Marketing

Students in this module will learn to develop marketing plans by aligning marketing initiatives with market opportunities. Students will see how functional strategies and marketing plans can optimize customer and organizational value.

PRO-BUP#104 Strategy

Learn the ins and outs of American business enterprises and the entrepreneurial and strategic thinking that drives them in a dynamic competitive economy. Students will also learn to apply entrepreneurial and strategic management practices to organizations of varying size.


Receive all 12 classes and materials for only $750. Cost is $1,500 for individuals interested in applying credits toward an undergraduate degree program at CSJ.

Certificate Completion

To successfully meet the certificate requirements, you must:

  • Complete the four certificate courses listed below
  • Pass each certificate course (pass/fail grading system)

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