Pro-C.E.E.D. at CSJ

Professionals in all industries, as well job seekers and small business owners, are increasingly called upon to engage in the social Web as a core business / job function. College of St. Joseph’s Social U: A Micro Course on the Social Web is for any professional who wishes to enhance their skill set and be equipped to manage social media and web properties, identify and engage an audience, and improve customer service and retention.

Learning Outcomes

  •      Communicate effectively through writing and design using blogs and social media.
  •      Analyze website and social media performance indicators to assess and improve performance.
  •      Demonstrate how social media principles can be put to use to engage an audience.
  •      Design and execute a social media plan.

Certificate Courses

PRO-SOP#101 Principles of Web Content

Did you know that people read websites in a completely different way than they read printed materials? Learn what makes writing for Web publication different! Participants will analyze strengths and weaknesses of writing, multimedia, and design elements in websites and learn fundamentals in audience analysis, content creation, style and design. Students successfully completing this module will be ready to structure information for Web presentation.

PRO-SOP#102 Creating Content

In this module, students will use WordPress (no worries, we’ll walk you through it) to create a blog / website on a topic of their choosing. The class will examine some different styles of writing from blogging to journalistic writing. What makes a good heading? How do I write a strong lead? You will be able to answer these questions and more after successfully completing this module.

PRO-SOP#103 Principles of Social Media

It’s the same as it ever was: Humans are social creatures. What’s new is the technology. Students in this module will examine how social media has transformed personal and business communications, the way people interact and the expectations of consumers and advertisers. Students will explore how content is collected, shared and consumed and how media and marketers reach targeted audiences.

PRO-SOP#104 Social Media Planning

To get where you want to be, you must set goals and have a plan. This module will walk participants through a social media marketing plan on a topic of their choosing.


Receive all 12 classes and materials for only $750. Cost is $1,500 for individuals interested in applying credits toward an undergraduate degree program at CSJ.

Certificate Completion

To successfully meet the certificate requirements, you must:

  • Complete the four certificate courses listed below
  • Pass each certificate course  (pass/fail grading system)

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