College of St. Joseph’s 18-credit Psychology minor will provide you with a well-rounded education by offering information on how to describe, understand, and better explain human behavior.

Requirements for the Psychology Minor

PSY104 Human Growth and Development3This course will provide students a systematic examination of the processes of human psychological growth from conception throughout infancy, childhood, adolescence, adulthood and into old age. Socio-emotional, intellectual and biological domains of development will be considered from perspectives of psychodynamic and psychosocial theory, as well as more contemporary socio-cultural, cognitive, neuroscientific and ecological approaches.
PSY201 Principles of Learning3An investigation is conducted with respect to learning principles derived from classical and operant conditioning. The student is led through a step-by-step examination of processes such as response acquisition, extension, relearning higher order conditioning, generalization, and discrimination, principles and schedules of reinforcement, punishment, and other related processes. Emphasis is placed on developing a solid understanding of basic scientific principles and an opportunity for utilizing data collection and experimental design procedures is part of a field experience
HUS315 Culture and Community in Human Services3This course explores the historical underpinnings of service delivery as well as current day practices and service characteristics in the field of human services. The course will also address issues of ethnic-sensitive practices as well as institutional vs. community based helping services. Current legislation including the Americans with Disabilities Act will be studied. Fieldwork component will also be required. Prerequisite: PSY102 or permission of Division Chairperson.
Psychology Electives9Three 3-credit electives in PSY or HUS, with at least two 300 level or above courses.

Note: Students who minor in Psychology are not eligible for a field experience; however, certain courses do have limited field or laboratory experience as part of course requirements. Human Services majors may not minor in Psychology.