Entrepreneurship minor at CSJ

College of St. Joseph’s 18-credit Entrepreneurship minor provides non-business majors with the specialized background necessary to market the knowledge from other disciplines in a business or commercial environment.

The major also provides you with a basic understanding of major business subject areas, facilitating your transition into the world of business.

Requirements for an Entrepreneurship Minor

ACC101 Financial Accounting3Introduces students to generally accepted accounting principles and accounting process with regards to corporations, partnerships, and sole-proprietorships. The basic concepts, principles, and techniques used to generate accounting data, financial statements and the interpretation and use of financial data to enhance the decision-making process are covered.
BUS101 Introduction to Business3This introductory course provides the student with an overview of business and its environment. Topics include business trends, globalization, forms of ownership, business law, entrepreneurship, management, leadership, human resource management, marketing, decision making, accounting, finance, business ethics, and social responsibility.
BUS205 Principles of Management3Introduces basic management principles used in the organizational environment. The four management functions studied are planning, organizing, leading and controlling. Other topics include the evolution of management theory, ethics, social responsibility, diversity, organizational structure, human resource management, motivation, leadership, groups and teams, communication, organizational conflict and change, operations management, information systems and technology, innovation, product development, and entrepreneurship.
BUS211 Business Finance3Studies the field of finance, both private and public, with emphasis placed on current approaches as they pertain to a business. The mathematics of finance, capital budgets, loan and investment alternatives and working capital management are discussed. Prerequisite: BUS102 or MAT103 and ACC101.
BUS309 Marketing3Examines the foundations of marketing principles with application of marketing concepts of the present and future. Emphasis is placed on problem solving, critical thinking skills, ethics, and competition while studying the topics of market analysis, target marketing, product pricing, strategic promotion, and distribution. Sophomore standing.
BUS403 Entrepreneurship3Explores the idea of starting and managing your own business and examines the challenges of growing an entrepreneurial enterprise. Emphasizes the importance of planning, analyzing market opportunities, launching the venture, financing and harvesting the venture. Students gain an understanding of how to develop and use the business plan. Junior-level standing or permission of Division Chairperson.