Marketing Minor at CSJ

College of St. Joseph’s 18-credit Marketing minor provides you with a basic understanding of the “4-P’s” – product, price, promotion and place – of marketing.

A marketing minor is a good fit for you if you’re interested in pursuing careers in fields including brand management, advertising, public relations, retail and social media.

Requirements for a Marketing Minor

BUS101 Introduction to Business3This introductory course provides the student with an overview of business and its environment. Topics include business trends, globalization, forms of ownership, business law, entrepreneurship, management, leadership, human resource management, marketing, decision making, accounting, finance, business ethics, and social responsibility.
BUS205 Principles of Management3Introduces basic management principles used in the organizational environment. The four management functions studied are planning, organizing, leading and controlling. Other topics include the evolution of management theory, ethics, social responsibility, diversity, organizational structure, human resource management, motivation, leadership, groups and teams, communication, organizational conflict and change, operations management, information systems and technology, innovation, product development, and entrepreneurship.
BUS309 Marketing3Examines the foundations of marketing principles with application of marketing concepts of the present and future. Emphasis is placed on problem solving, critical thinking skills, ethics, and competition while studying the topics of market analysis, target marketing, product pricing, strategic promotion, and distribution. Sophomore standing.
Business Elective3The Marketing minor requires students to take three Business credits.
Marketing Electives6The Marketing minor requires students to take six Marketing credits.