Located in the heart of Vermont’s Green Mountains, College of St. Joseph is surrounded by a bounty of outdoor and indoor recreation opportunities. Just 30 minutes from Killington and Pico Ski Resorts, and with an advanced trail network within our 117-acre campus, CSJ is the perfect location for recreation enthusiasts to gain experience and knowledge in Resort and Recreation Management.

Requirements for the Resort and Recreation Management Minor

BUS101 Introduction to Business3This introductory course provides the student with an overview of business and its environment. Topics include business trends, globalization, forms of ownership, business law, entrepreneurship, management, leadership, human resource management, marketing, decision making, accounting, finance, business ethics, and social responsibility
BUS205 Principles of Management3Introduces basic management principles used in the organizational environment. The four management functions studied are planning, organizing, leading and controlling. Other topics include the evolution of management theory, ethics, social responsibility, diversity, organizational structure, human resource management, motivation, leadership, groups and teams, communication, organizational conflict and change, operations management, information systems and technology, innovation, product development, and entrepreneurship.
RRM305 Legal Aspects of Recreation, Resort & Sports Management3Students will read and study the laws, cases, and legal precedents relative to the fields of recreation, travel, and hospitality industries. The course is designed to build upon a student’s knowledge of the law focusing on case studies relating to the areas of liability, negligence, contracts, human resources, and recent legal industry trends. Prerequisite: BUS303 or permission of Division Chairperson.
RRM315 Facility & Security Management3A study of facility management and the importance of maintenance, including associated security control procedures. Important aspects of a facility, grounds, parking areas, and emerging issues in waste management and environmental legislation highlights the changing responsibilities involved in facilities management, with a focus on hospitality facility security.
RRM410 Retail & Sales Management3A study of management as applied specifically in the retail industry. Topics include a review of management principles, the importance of the retail industry to the economy, store location, market analysis, sales, purchasing, cost controls, pricing, customer service and recent trends. Prerequisite: BUS205 or permission of Division Chairperson.
Business Elective 3The Resort and Recreation Management Minor requires students to take three Business credits.