CSJ criminal justice

A degree in Criminal Justice can put you on the path to the following careers*:

Possible careers for Criminal Justice majors

  • Adjudicator
  • Administrative Law Judge
  • ATF Agent
  • Border Patrol Officer
  • Court Reporter
  • Criminal Investigator and Special Agent
  • Criminal Justice and Law Enforcement Teacher, Postsecondary
  • Criminal Justice Professor
  • Detectives and Criminal Investigator
  • Emergency Dispatcher/Supervisor (Fire, Police, Ambulance)
  • FBI Agent
  • First-Line Supervisor of Police and Detectives
  • Hearing Officer
  • Immigration and Customs Inspector
  • Intelligence Analyst
  • Intelligence Specialist (Government)
  • IRS Agent
  • Judge, Magistrate Judge, and Magistrate
  • Judicial Law Clerk
  • Lawyer
  • Military Police (Army, Navy, Marines, Air Force)
  • NIS – Naval Intelligence Service
  • Paralegals and Legal Assistant
  • Parole Officer
  • Police and Detectives Supervisor
  • Police Detective
  • Police Identification and Records Officer
  • Police Officer
  • Special Investigator with Attorney General Offices

*An advanced degree or additional training may be required for some of these careers, with an associate or bachelor degree being a good first step toward this goal. This is not an exhaustive list of occupations and places of employment associated with this major.

Internships and field experience in Criminal Justice

CRJ320 Internship I offers Criminal Justice majors field experience in a local, state or federal criminal justice or private security agency. The course Includes orientation, observation, conferences and work experience. Students will complete a minimum of 120 clock hours in the field during the semester.