Students take an English class at CSJ

The following are examples of the courses you might take as an English major at College of St. Joseph that appear in our academic catalog.

ENG103 College Composition I: Engaged Citizens

The course examines what it means to be an engaged citizen in 21st century America. By exploring foundation documents such as the Declaration of Independence and early 162 Greek democracies, along with modern interpretations of participatory citizenship, this class asks students to question what makes a person an engaged citizen. Students will write frequently in the course, culminating in a research paper. Students will also give multiple in-class presentations and work collaboratively. Course must be completed with a grade of C or higher. 3 credits.

ENG104 College Composition II: Engaged Citizens

This course uses poetry, drama and short fiction to explore what it means to be an engaged 21st century citizen. Students will read a variety of texts from early Greek drama to modern multicultural short stories as they examine what it means to participate in citizenship. Students will write frequently, culminating in a research paper. Students will also present and work collaboratively on projects. Course must be completed with a grade of C or higher. Prerequisite ENG103. 3 credits.

ENG209 History and Development of the English Language

The history and development of the English language are studied. Emphasis is placed on the Indo-European origins, the evolution of the language from the earliest period to the present, and etymology. 3 credits.

ENG210 British Literature

This course is a survey of the major authors, genres and themes of British literature from its beginnings (Anglo-Saxon Period) to the twenty-first century. Prerequisite: ENG102. 3 credits.

ENG211 American Literature

This course is a survey of the major authors, genres and themes of American literature from the colonial period to the twenty-first century. Prerequisite: ENG102. 3 credits.

ENG212 World Literature

This course is a survey of major literary works from the Ancient World to the twenty-first century. Several genres will be studied with a view to global understanding of cultures that ultimately affect our own culture. Prerequisite: ENG102. 3 credits.

ENG302 Shakespeare

This course emphasizes Shakespeare as a dramatist. At least five representative histories, tragedies and comedies are read and analyzed with a view to understanding and appreciation. Prerequisite: ENG102. 3 credits.

ENG308 The Modern American Novel

Reading and study of selected works by such writers as Faulkner, Fitzgerald and Hemingway. Prerequisite: ENG102. 3 credits.

ENG311 The American Short Story

This course emphasizes the multicultural aspect of the American short story. Students will read and analyze selected works from writers with various ethnic, racial and cultural backgrounds. Prerequisite: ENG102. 3 credits.

ENG321 Creative Writing

This course offers students the opportunity to develop creative writing skills. They will explore the writing process and various literary genres through a combination of in-class exercises, revision, and workshop participation. Each student will produce a portfolio of original work representative of the learning experience. Prerequisite: ENG102. 3 credits.

ENG332 The Irish Experience

This course provides an overview of Irish history, literature, theater, and other cultural activities. It gives an insight into the political, religious, and economic conditions from which these pursuits emerge. 3 credits.

ENG340 Writing and Grammar

In this advanced writing course, students will develop their skills as critical and effective writers, explore the range of rhetorical devices, follow a writing process, reflect on their own practice, and focus on revision and editing strategies. They will read and respond critically to other writers. The study of grammar, language and word study as it relates to expository writing will be emphasized. This course is recommended for all students in undergraduate secondary licensure programs. Prerequisite: ENG102. 3 credits.

ENG160-460 Special Topics in English

3 credits.

ENG430 Seminar in English

A capstone course for English majors designed to provide a knowledge of the history of literary criticism and research methods appropriate to the creation of an extensive research paper of literary criticism written in the MLA format. Successful presentation of the paper will also be required. Students in a popular culture concentration must choose a research paper topic appropriate to that concentration, subject to approval by the instructor. Prerequisite: Senior standing. 3 credits.

ENG190-490 Independent Study in Literature

3 credits.